Characteristic Foot contacts and Positions of Odissi


The Kunchita, that is toe touching , and Anchita, that is heel stamping the ground positions mentioned in the N?tya Sh?stra are used frequently. The characteristic movement of this dance form is the Gothi – which uses only the heel in the complex rhythmic sequences.

The 3 main positions from which the movement emerges are:

Samapada – the standing equibalanced equivated erect position.

Tribhanga The Tribhanga which is rarely seen in other classicl dance forms is one of the most typical poses of Odissi. It is achieved by a sharp deflection of the hip from the waist, an oppsosite deflection of the torso, and the head deflecting to the same side as the hip. It is also knowns as the Natavara bhangi in Orissi dancing.

Chauka – In Chauka the heels face the centre, the toe point outwards and ther is a distance of about two feet between the the two heels. The knees are out-turned and the thighs are bent. (It is equivalent to the Mandalasth?na of the N?tya Sh?stra.)