Odissi dance style follows the basic principles of the Nătya Shăstra tradition and Methodologies of movement described in the Shilpashastras of Orissa such as Shilpaprakasha and the Shilpasarani . The human body is treated in term of the three Bhangas- Samabhanga , Dvibhanga and Tribhanga; along which deflections of the head, torso, and hips can take place.

The Odissi dancer has to master various aspects of the nritta technique comprising the static positions, the sculptural poses, the manner of covering space and also the manipulation of the metrical cycle through the articulation of the neck, torso and the movement of the lower limbs and to cover space in different directions and to move along straight lines, diagonals, figures of eight and spirals and to shift weight and play the levels.

Some of the special positions, basic steps and movements executed in Odissi technique are briefly discussed here.

Characteristic Foot contacts and Positions of Odissi

Khandi and Arasas

Movement Patterns