Unique Features of Odissi

The Sculpturesque quality

In no other clasical dance form , is seen such a close relationship between the art of dance and the sculpture. It is as if the sculpture in movement. Especially the ‘Tribhangi’ (three-bend position ofthe body) stance is very much a distinct feature of Odissi dance found also in the temples of Konark.


A very unique and interesting feature is that the style and music of Odissi has a beautiful amalgamation of both the northern as well as the southern cultures. Infact, Lord Jagannath stands as a symbol of the indigeneous cultural synthesis.

The Dance Movement

The fascinating, delicate torso movement in a rythmic and lyrical way blending harmoniously with the scintillating and lilting music of Odissi gives a spell-bounding experience and a tranquiliting effect on one’s mind.



The dance songs are dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Lord Jagannath. The divine love tales of Radha and the cowherd God Krishna are favourite themes for interpretation. Atleast one or two ashtapadis of Gita Govindam by Saint Jaideva are an integral part of the Odissi dance repertoire. Gita Govindam describes in exquisite Sanskrit poetry the complex relationship between Radha and her Lord.