Costume and Jewelry



Odissi dance attire like other Indian Classical dance has a stitched costume (pyjama style) made out of the special Orissa handloom sarees. The sarees have their special borders and intricate designs that sets them apart from other sarees. Earlier, there were no stitched costumes but only the sarees used to be draped around. But over a period of time , the stitched costume has been used more frequently because of its convenience.


The Odissi dance jewelry is in silver. The dancer wears a choker, a longer necklace, armlets, bracelets, a belt, anklets, bells, earrings, a piece placed on the bun, and a seenthi (a piece placed on the hair and forehead). The dancers also wear an intricate head piece, delicately made out of solo (Styrofoam), representing flowers around the hair, and a piece protruding upward, representing the top of a temple. The head piece used to be made out of real flowers, but for practical reasons, it has been replaced with the Styrofoam.