Nadanam is my personal website dedicated to my primary passion 'Dance'. I am professionally trained classical Bharatnatyam dancer, but have equal affiliations to other dance forms as well. Over the years I have developed many more interests and hobbies like cooking, travel, kids related activities, etc etc. So apart from Dance you will find many more useful information which may interest you.

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Irrespective of the various dance forms, there are some aspects that are generic in nature and applicable to all Indian Dances.
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Bharatnatyam, is one of the most richest and ancient Indian Classical Dance forms. Read more on

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Odissi, is one of the most richest and ancient Indian Classical Dance forms. Read more on

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Leisure reading and great for a coffee break !! This is the place to let your guards and indulge in worldly views. To stay relevant its essential to be open to the changes around the world. check out !



Roka is an Experience Center for arts and heritage. Roka is a concept store curated with hand crafted products of India, integrated with a learning and exploratory center hosted amidst a themed hangout cafe.


Food Blog

I am moving my food blog over to another location. This is being passed to the younger generation. My daughters are developing some interest in food. Check out their blog for lots of recipes and information. Its called and the site is kid friendly in terms of content, so feel free to share with your kids.


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"We all have two lives, the second one starts  when we realize we have only one"