Other Classifications


Depending upon the Gunas or the ‘Qualities’, the Naayikaas are classified into following categories :

  • Uttama (Superior)- She is always balanced, self controlled and good irrespective of her lover’s behaviour.
  • Madhyama (Mediocre)- She retaliates in the same way her lover behaves with her.
  • Adhama (Inferior)- She lacks self control and reacts against her lover in anger, jealousy and indignation.

Depending upon the ‘Maturity’ or the age, the Naayikaas are further classified as :

  • Mughdhaa (Innocent)- She is young, inexperienced and shy in love and unable to give expressions to her thoughts and feelings. She could also be futher divided into : Gnata-yavana who is a young heroine with awareness (18-19years old).Agnata-yavana who is very young and unaware (13-14 years old). A mughdhaa naayika cannot experience all of the emotional states described above except that of a Vasaksajjaa Naayika.
  • Madhyaa (Adolescent)- She is partly experienced in love and possesses desire and shyness in equal measures.
  • Pragalbhaa (Mature)- She is a woman who is mature in the art of love .She is in full beauty and able to express her sentiments fully.

Depending upon the ‘Temperaments’ of the Madhyaa and Pragalbhaa Naayikaa, there are the following categories :

  • Dheera (Self controlled)- Madhyaa greets her deceitful lover with sarcasm and indirect comments where as Pragalbhaa is indifferent to the love shown to her but yet respectful towards her lover.
  • Dheeradheera (Partly controlled)- Madhyaa rebukes her lover tearfully where as Pragalbhaa alternates between constancy and prudence. When indignant, she talks with sarcasm.
  • Adheera (Lacking self control)- Madhyaa yells/scolds her lover harshly where as Pragalbhaa expresses her feelings with anger, hurting and putting him to shame.

Depending upon the ‘ Type ‘ or the kind, the Naayikaa are classified as :

  • Sviyaa or Swakiyaa– She is woman who is wedded and faithful to her Lord alone. Proshitabhartrukaa and Svaadhinabhartrukaa Naayika can be only Sviyaa and not Parkiyaa or Saamanyaa.
  • Prakiyaa or Anyaa– She is married but is in love with another man.
  • Saamanyaa or Saadharna– She belongs to any man for a price but is well versed in arts and courteous.

Depending upon the ‘Relationship’ with the Hero, they are divided into :

    • <li

Jyesthaa- the older one.>

  • Kanishthaa- the younger one