Nãyikã – Nãyaka


Nãyikã in common terms, the heroine, is the main character potrayed by the indian dancer.Nãyikã actually means a woman in love. The Nãyikã is mostly the devotee who has been seperated from her Lord, the Nãyaka; (A Diety or The God), and yearns to be united with him. The devotee is the eternal Nãyikã while the deity is the the eternal Nãyaka. The dancer expresses every mood of a woman who yearns for her lover. Depending upon the kind of state and mood she is with respect to the Naayaka, there are various classifications of Nãyikã .

Other Classifications


The Nãyaka or the hero with whom the heroine is in love is equally important and is classified depending upon the type, nature, moods and emotions.

Nãyaka Bhedam