Nãyaka Bhedam

Depending upon the kind or the ‘Type’, the Nayaka is classified as :

  • Pati (Husband)- He is the one who is married according to the Vedic rites and is faithful to his wife.
  • Upapati (Paramour)- He is the one who is married but is in love and attracts the attention of another woman.
  • Vaishikaa– He is the one pays and enjoys women.

Depending upon their ‘Characteristics in Love’ or the Shringaara Sentiments, a Naayaka can be :

  • Anukula or Atula– He is the one who is faithful. He pleases and is pleased only by his wife.
  • Dakshina– He is the one who is impartial. He has several wives but treats them all impartially by speaking with tenderness to all.
  • Shatha– He is the one who is cunning. His love is known to all.
  • Dhrushtaaa– He is the one who is shameless. He is unfaithful to his beloved and secretly does her harm.

Depending upon the ‘Qualities’, the Naayaka is classified as :

  • Dheeralalita– He is brave, happy and carefree. He is an art lover, well mannered, having a sense of beauty and strong. For e.g, Lord Krishna
  • Dheerodaatta– He is noble and brave. He does not possess false pride and is forgiving in nature. For e.g, Lord Rama
  • Dheeroddattaa or Uddatta– He is passionate, able and ambitious. He is also fickle minded and is proud of his prosperity. For e.g, Duryadhona and Ravana.
  • Dheerashanta– He is kind, virtuos, brave and of good character. For e.g, Buddha

Nãyikã Nãyaka