M?rgi and Desi


The N?tya Sh?stra divides dance into various categories . On one hand we have the clasical dance forms such as BharatNatyam, Kathakali , Kathak and so on and on the other hand we have dances like garb? , bh?ngr? , ch?u and so on. Although these are all dances, they fall into two distinct categories , that is : M?rgi (Classical) and Desi (Folk or Regional).


All the dances that are classical and have specific stylised movements based on the tenets given by Bharat Muni in the N?tya Sh?stra fall in the M?rgi category. They have a specifically designed and well thought repertoire that is carried out as a tradition. Special training is required to master these dance forms. The thematic content of the songs is mostly religious and hence oriented towards God.
Egs: BharatNatyam, Kathakali, Kathak, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi and Manipuri

BharatN?tyam Dancer: Urmila Satyanarayanan 


Dances falling in the Desi category are more regional and folkish in nature. They are oriented more towards the people and are popular. They are done majorly to entertain and celebrate and have little or no religious connotation. These folk dances are done in groups during special festivals , occassions such as marriage , harvesting seasons or fairs. The steps are generalised and simple and require no special training. Everybody can participate. Every region or tribe has their own folk dance.
Egs: Bhangra, Garba, Gidda, Chau, Rajasthani dance, etc

Ghoomar – Rajasthani Dance 


Bamboo Dance – from Mizoram