Răma Avatăr


The life of Răma, ideal man and great warrior is the story of India’s second epic, ‘The Rămayana.’ The seventh avatar of Vishnu, R&ăma brings to life a quality known as ideal man.


He was born as Rămachandra the eldest son to King Dashratha, who ruled the kingdom of Ayodhyă in north India. Early in his life, a sage called Vishwamitra recognised Răma as an avatăr of Vishnu and sought his help in the slaying of a female demon, Tăraka. Right from his fight against evil Răma was victorious. This victory foreshadowed the great battle with the demon, Răvana.

His wife Sită is regarded as the embodiment of all that is most admired in Indian womanhood. To win her hand, Răma showed his prowess as a warrior. Răma was the only suitor who could bend the great bow of Shivă, in front of the entire court of King Janaka. Răma and Sită married and returned to the Kingdom of Ayodhyă.

The epic descibes incidences of valour and greatness of Răma right from thr incidences os transformation od Ahalyă, Crossing the river, Ră Lakshman and Sută in Exile and finally the victory over Răvana.
The story of Răma has entered deeply into Indian life as a deity, a subject for literature and as an example of moral excellence.