Parashurama Avatăr


Parashurama – Rama with the Axe
Most of the stories relating to th other 5 incarntions, are on a superhman plane, but Parshuram is the first incarnation in which Vishnu appears in a completely human form while at the same time keeping his status as a deity.


This incarnation was taken to exterminate the Kshatriyas – the warrior caste, which had tried to assert its authority over the Brăhmins. This was a result of a feud between the hermit and the King who had become vain and oppressive. Legend goes that the King had insulted the hermit’s father by stealing the wish-granting cow. Parashurama , the son of the hermit took the revenge of the theft by killing the king. In return the king’s son killed Parshurama’s father. Vishnu took the form of Parashurama not only to get revenge but to rid the world os all oppression by kings, which heeled in the course of 21 battles.