Buddhă Avatăr


Buddhă the Enlightened one

Buddhă was added to the list of incarnations of Vishnu only after the Gupta period and is not found sculptured except on the Dashavatar panels.

In Buddhă Avatar, Lord Vishnu incarnates himself as Buddhă , the ascetic prince who renounced the throne to lead the world on the path of peace. He is the founder of the Buddhist religion prominent across the world. Buddhă was on this earth to teach people about life. In this incarnation, he did not slay any demons, or fight with anyone. He realized that this world was filled with famine, pain and suffering. He left his castle, denounced his title as a Prince, and sat under a fig tree contemplating life. And one day it all came to him. He called his teaching the Eight-fold Path, and the Four Noble Truths. Buddhă believed and tried to teach others that they can only reach Nirvana(heaven) through Enlightenment.