Depending on the’avasthãs’that is the state of mind of the nãyikã, there are eight classifications called as the AshtaNãyikãs.

  1. Vãsakasajjã


Uchite vaasakeyaatu rati sambhog laalsaa
Mandanam kurute hrushtaahaa saavai vaasakasajjaa

Vaasakasajjaa Naayikaa is the one who dresses up for the union with her Lord. She joyfully decorates herself and the place or the room where she is going to receive her lover. Her activities include dressing herself pleasingly, adorning herself looking in the mirror, decorating the bed with flowers and petals, occasionally looking out of the window or moving the branches in the garden ,awaiting her lover and is playful with her sakhis. She is also known as Vaasaka sajjikaa and Sajjitaa.


Anekakaarya vyasangaat yasyaa yasyeta na aagachchatti
Priyakaraha yasyaa na aagamana tasyaa dukhaartaa virahotkanthitaa

Virahotkanthitaa Naayikaa is the one who is distressed by the seperation from her lover. She feels lonely and is grieved by his absence. Her activities include expressing her anxiety to her sakhis, loss of appetite, tearful, depressed, dejected, anxious, exhausted, full of sorrow and is wilting within. She is also known as Utkataa, Utkaa and Utkanthitaa.


Surtaa atirasaihi baddho yasyaahaa paarshvagataha priya
Saamode guna sanyuktaa bhaveta svaadhinabhartruka

Svaadhinabhartruka Naayikaa is the one who is happy, proud and contented as her lover is devoted to her and is conquered by her love. She worships the God of Love as her nayaka has risen to her expectations in love, achievements, fidelity and is always on her side. She is also known as Svaadhinapathikaa.


Irshyaa nishkraanto yasyaa na aagachchati
Amarshavarsha santaptaha kalahantaritaa bhaveta

Kalahantaritaa Naayikaa is the one who has fought with her lover for a triffle reason and so her lover has gone away. She has abused her lover in front of her sakhis and now is full of remorse and lamenting her actions. She sighs deeply, restless, sorrowful and displeased. She is also known as Abhisaadhitaa and Kopitaa.


Vyasangaat uchite yasyaa vaasake na aagachchata priya
Iditadana aagamanaardu khandite abhidhiyate

Khanditaa Naayikaa is the one who is enraged with her lover for being unfaithful to her. She is offended, hurt, angry and disappointed with her lover who has gone to another woman. She is sorrowful, restless, in turmoil, breathes deeply, retorts to her lover, is indifferent to his sweet words and does not allow him to come near her.


Tasmaat bhuta priya praapya gatvaa sanketameva
Na aagataha kaaranen vipralabhdhaatu saamata

Vipralabhdhaa Naayikaa is the one who had been waiting for her lord but now is disappointed. Here the Naayaka has broken his promise by not turning up at the tryst. She feels deceived and so is grieved, distressed, anxious, depressed, tearful and heartbroken.


Gurukaaryaat vashaata yasyaas viproshita
Priyasaa rudhaalakaha keshaataha bhaveta proshitabhartrukaa

Proshitabhartruka Naayikaa is the one who is suffering the pangs of seperation as her beloved is away on a long journey. She is sleepless, emaciated, neglectful of her appearance-e.g has let her hair uncombed, prostrate, inactive and counts the days of his return. She is also known as Proshitapriyaa.


Hitvaa lajjaa samaa ishtaa maden madnenvaa
Abhisaariryate kaantaa saabhaveta abhisaarikaa

Abhisaarikaa Naayikaa is the one who boldly goes out to meet her lover, leaving modesty behind, uncaring of the world and intoxicated with the feeling of love. She is very happy and crosses all the obstacles in her way.
This naayikaa is also described as-
Divaabhisaarikaa– She goes out in the day light, wears any clothes and pretends to go to draw water or attend some festival.
Jyotsnaabhisaarikaa– She goes out in the moon light, wears white clothes scented with camphor.
Tamobhisaarikaa– She goes in the darkness of the night, wears black, blue and red clothes, holding a blue lotus scented with kasturi.

Other Classifications