Bandhava Hasta

Bãndhava Hasta


Hands for Relationships 

Relationship Left Hand Right Hand
Dampati (Husband and Wife) Shikhara Hasta Mrigashirsha Hasta
Mãtru (Mother) Ardhachandra Hasta (held near the stomach and turned round over the belly) Samdamsha Hasta
Pitru (Father) Ardhachandra Hasta , held near the stomach Shikhara Hasta
Shvashru (Mother-in-law) Hamsãsya Hasta, held near the neck Samdamsha Hasta
Shvashura (Father-in-law) Hamsasya Hasta, held near the neck Samdamsha Hasta and then do Shikhara Hasta
Bhartru Bhãtru (Brother-in-law) Shikhara Hasta Kartarimukha Hasta
Nanand (Sister-in-law) Shikhara Hasta Show Kartarimukha Hasta and then show Mrigashirsha Hasta
Jyeshtha Bhrãrtru (Older Brother) Mayura Hasta in front
Kanishtha (Younger Brother) Mayura Hasta on sides
Putra (Son) Shikhara Hasta Samdamsha Hasta, held on the belly and then move it in circular motion
Snusha (Daughter-in-law) After showing the Putra Hasta show Mrigashirsha Hasta with the right hand
Sapatni (Co-Wife) Show Pãsha Hasta first and then Mrigashirsha Hasta




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