Warm Up Exercises Before Dance

Its a very important practice to warm up before doing any Dance. Exercises help the body in achieving flexibility, balance and poise in the basic positions and movements. More importantly it helps in avoiding long time injuries to the muscles and joints.
Following are some of the Stretches and Asanas which can be done.

Note: All exercises 10 times unless specified

Waist Exercises
•Bending and Touching the Toes
•Side Bends
•Forward and Backward Bend, Hands on waist (5 times each)
•Rotation of the upper body above waist: clockwise and anit-clockwise (3 times each)

Knee Exercises
• Stretches : Both sides with a break
• Stretches : Both sides without a break

Sitting Exercises
• Touch the toes with your legs stretched in front
• Tightening Releasing and holding the knee muscles
• Butterfly: Fold your legs bringing the heels towards the center your body and hold your feet with hands and flap your thighs
• Vajrasan: Sit with your knees together and legs folded with the feet behind and bend forward (3 times)
• Spread the knees in the Vajrasan, hands locked behind and bend forward (3 times)
• Padmasan and touching your knees alternatively.

Shoulder Exercises
• Rotation of Arms: Right, Left and Together
• Rotation of Shoulders: Right, Left and Together

Neck Exercises
•Bend Forward and then straight
•Side Bends
•Rotation : clockwise and anti-clockwise

Finger Exercises
• Open and Close the fist (arms held stretched out in front at shoulder level
• Rotation of Wrist: clockwise and anti- clockwise

Feet Exercises
• Stretch and Relax standing on toes
• Rotation of ankles clockwise and

Posture Exercises
• Ardha Mandi – Half Sit – one minute
• Mur Mandi – Full Sit – one minute
• Sit Ups (Half sit -Full sit)
• Jumps in Murmandi

Relaxing exercises
• Bend your knees ( joined ) little and straight up
• Bring your knee one at a time till waist level.