The costume of BharatNatyam has been developed from time to time. The costume that were prevalent earlier have been improvised and designed according to the needs and aesthetics.

But the most commonly used styles include the Skirt/Sarree style and the Pyjama Style . Some also use the normal sarree and stitch it temperoraily for the dance purpose. The most beautiful part of the costume is the knife-pleated fan which is either knee length or mid-calf length and links the the two legs of the pyjamas. This fan opens up whenever the dancer takes the basic BharatNatyam posture of aramandi.

The specific jewelry that is used for the dance is called as the Temple jewelry which is made of semi precious stones and metal.

It consists of Maattal and earbells for the ear, Kasumalai (coin necklace made of ‘panchdhaatu’), Muthu maalai (long necklace), Necklace (small), Bangles, Talaisaamaan (head set, sun-surya prabha and moon- chandra prabha), Flowers (Jasmine ring and Kanakambaram (orange flowers), other hair decoration, Nose ring, Chalang (Ghungroos -ankle bells-of brass meatl) and Waist band (kamar patta). The raakodi is worn at the top of the head which provides as an anchor for the flowers worn by the dancer. The hair is mostly plaited and tied to a beautiful fringe called the kunjulam.

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