It has been aptly said that BharatNătyam is a symbol of beauty and aesthetic perfection. As a philosophy, it is a search of human soul for ideal. As a religion, it is the man’s quest for the Supreme and the desire to unite with the Ultimate. As a science, it is to attain the perfection of body technique and corporal movement and as poetry, it is the symbol of rythmic lyricism.


This section gives a brief introduction to BharatNatyam. read more


Features of Bharatnatyam
This covers the instant basic features that come to mind when one sees a BharatNatyam recital.
In this section the legend of how BharatNatyam started, the actual history with its status in each era and finally the revival of BharatNatyam when it faced some low period, is explained.
Here the core technique of BharatNatyam is given which includes the language of gestures like shiro bheda, asamyukta hasta, pada bhedas, etc; then the items of the Margam like alarippu, varnam , tillana, etc and ofcourse the basic facts of training like namaskar and exercises.


Costume and Jewelry
Dance cannot be complete without a proper costume and jewelry set which also plays a very important role in a performance.
Music includes the ancient references of dance and music going hand in hand, the importance and the basic structure of music like the talam, swara and jatis, etc and a brief note on Tanjore and the Trinity of South Indian Music.


Dancers and Institutes
Here is the list and links of some of the well known dancers and institutes.
These are some of the frequently used shlokas one ought to know.